Luxury Mercedes-Benz V Class 7 Seater

Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication as you embark on a journey through Dubai with our Mercedes-Benz V Class 7 Seater. We have meticulously designed your travel experience to be not only incredibly convenient but also entirely worry-free. Our competitive rates start at just AED 600 per day, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless and opulent trip. What sets us apart is that our pricing includes everything you need, from fuel to a dedicated driver.


Pricing Details:

  • Daily:
  • Cost: AED 600-1800
  • Inclusions: Driver and fuel
  • Weekly:
  • Cost: AED 11,000
  • Inclusions: Driver and fuel
  • Monthly:
  • Cost: AED 35,000
  • Inclusions: Driver and fuel

Our weekly and monthly rates offer exceptional value, providing you with the flexibility to explore Dubai at your own pace. Whether you’re in the city for a short stay or an extended visit, Luxury Wheels has your comfort and style as its top priorities. Join us and immerse yourself in the luxury of Dubai.

Benefits of Mercedes-Benz V Class Luxury:

Seating Flexibility:
The Mercedes Benz V Class offers advanced seating configurations, making it the ideal choice for various purposes. Whether you require a family luxury vehicle or an upscale luxury bus, these vehicles allow you to customize your seats to suit your needs.

Advanced Technology:
These luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles boast cutting-edge technology that enhances your journey. They feature a high-class technology system for drivers, complete with screens, high-quality speakers, and guidance assistance. Moreover, advanced safety features are integrated into the vehicle’s design.

Smooth Ride:
Thanks to advanced suspension systems, Mercedes-Benz V Class vehicles provide an exceptionally smooth ride. This ensures both drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable journey, even on longer routes.

Safety Features:
Mercedes-Benz is renowned for its commitment to safety. These buses come equipped with state-of-the-art safety features in their seats, prioritizing your well-being throughout your journey.

One of the standout benefits of Mercedes-Benz V Class is the customization it offers. Buyers have the option to tailor the seating arrangement and size to their preferences, guaranteeing a personalized travel experience.

Luxurious Interior:
Inside the Mercedes-Benz V Class, you’ll find a premium and opulent interior. The design exudes luxury with its premium materials and a variety of lighting options. The quality of the luxury seats is exceptional, ensuring the utmost comfort during your travels. It’s a van that not only looks but also feels the part of a true luxury vehicle.

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