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VIP Coaches Rental With Driver

Tourist Bus for Groups (35-50 Pax)

Experience in a luxurious group travel with our VIP Coaches rental service in Dubai. Our VIP Coaches hire options provide top-tier comfort and style for your journeys. Whether it's a corporate event, a special occasion, or a tour, our VIP Coaches in Dubai ensure you travel in smoothness. With professional drivers at your service, you can relax and enjoy the ride while exploring the amazing city.
For the pinnacle of group transportation, choose our VIP Coaches rental and experience the comfort of class and convenience inBus Rental Dubai.

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35 - 50
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Daily Rates

700 - 1400 AED
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Weekly Rates

7000 AED
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Monthly Rates

18000 AED
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Driver And Fuel Included?

VIP Coaches Rental With Driver Rates in Dubai​

35-50 700-1400 7000 18000 Yes

iscover the best affordable rates for VIP Coaches rental with a driver in Dubai. Our VIP Coaches hire service caters to groups of 35 to 50 passengers, making it easy for large gatherings, tours, and events. With daily rates ranging from 700 to 1400 AED, our packages offer affordability and comfort without compromising on luxury.
What's more, our weekly rates at 7000 AED and monthly rates at 18000 AED ensure cost-effective and hassle-free solutions for longer journeys. Enjoy the benefit of having both fuel and a skilled driver included, allowing you to explore Dubai without any worries. When it comes to Bus Rental Dubai, our VIP Coaches stand out for their elegance and value.
For an amazing and memorable travel experience in Dubai, look no further than our VIP Coaches rental service. With comfortable seating for 35 to 50 passengers, our VIP Coaches hire options provide comfort and style. Whether you're planning an event, a special occasion, or a city tour, our VIP Coaches offer the perfect transportation solution to our customers.
Our competitive rates, starting from just 700 AED per day, ensure that you get the best value for your money.also, with both fuel and a skilled driver included in the package, Experience the adventurous journey in group travel with our VIP Coaches in Dubai, where luxury and comfort meet for an memorable ride.

How much is VIP Coaches rental in Dubai per day?

VIP Coaches rental in Dubai starting at just 700 AED per day. Our affordable Bus Rental Dubai packages ensure that you can enjoy luxurious group travel in very cheap and affordable rates. Whether it's a special event or a city tour, our VIP Coaches provide best comfort and style. With both fuel and a professional driver included, your Dubai journey becomes effortless and stress-free. Explore UAE in luxury and comfort while staying within your budget. Choose VIP Coaches for an amazing Dubai experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About VIP Coaches Rentals In Dubai

FAQs About VIP Coaches Hire Dubai With Driver In UAE.

How much does it cost to rent a bus in Dubai?

The cost of renting a bus in Dubai varies based on factors such as bus types, rental duration, and additional services. On average, daily rates for bus rentals can range from 500 AED for smaller buses to 1200 AED or more for larger luxury buses. For up to date pricing, it's advisable to contact reputable bus rental companies in Dubai like Dubairentalbus.com

How much does it cost to rent a mini bus in Dubai?

Mini bus rental prices in Dubai can vary depending on the size of the mini bus and the rental duration. Generally, daily rates start at around 350 AED and can go higher for larger mini buses or luxury models. For more accurate and updated prices for mini bus in dubai please visit the fleet section or contact to our customer care.

Bus rental companies in Dubai

When searching for reliable bus rental companies in Dubai,Dubairentalbus.com stands out as a reputable choice. They offer a wide range of bus rental options to suit various group sizes and needs. With competitive pricing, And discounts, excellent customer service, and a fleet of well-maintained buses, they provide a seamless and enjoyable and comfortable transportation experience in Dubai.

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