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66 Seater Private Luxury Bus Rental With Driver

66 Seats bus for rent in Dubai UAE, Book Now luxury and Clean Bus in Dubai

Are you in search of a reliable and spacious bus for your transportation needs? Look no further! Our 66-seat Ashok Leyland bus is now available for rent, offering a comfortable and efficient solution for a variety of purposes. Whether you require staff transport, school transport, security transport, factory shuttles, hotel transfers, or university transportation, this bus is well-equipped to meet your demands.


  • Brand: Ashok Leyland
  • Max & Min Capacity: 84 & 67 passengers
  • Luggage Capacity: Contact us for details
  • Included Amenities: Excellent Interiors, Comfortable Seating, Air Conditioning
  • Type of Insurance: Full & Comprehensive
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Rental Options:

  • Daily Rent: AED 1000-1200 (bus with driver & fuel)
  • Airport Transfer Rate: N/A
  • Weekly Rent: AED 4,000 (maximum daily mileage: 100KMS for 6 days a week)
  • Monthly Rent: AED 10,000 (maximum daily mileage: 100KMS, bus with driver & fuel)
  • Max Hours per Day: 10

Our 66-seat bus is perfect for large groups, offering ample seating capacity without compromising on passenger comfort. Whether you need it for short-term or long-term rentals, our flexible pricing options cater to your specific requirements. With a robust diesel engine and comprehensive insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind while transporting your passengers.

Contact Bus Rental Dubai today to book this spacious and well-maintained 66-seat bus for your transportation needs. Experience hassle-free journeys and ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers with our dependable rental service.

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Daily Rates

1000 - 1200 AED
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Weekly Rates

4000 AED
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Monthly Rates

10000 AED
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Driver And Fuel Included?

66 Seater Bus Rental With Driver Rates in Dubai​

66 1000-1200 4000 10000 Yes

  • Capacity: 67-84 passengers
  • Included: Excellent Interiors, Good Seats, AC
  • Insurance: Full & Comprehensive
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Daily Rent: AED 1,000-1,200 (with driver & fuel)
  • Weekly Rent: AED 4,000 (max daily mileage: 100KMS, 6 days/week)
  • Monthly Rent: AED 10,000 (max daily mileage: 100KMS, with driver & fuel)
  • Maximum Hours/Day: 10
  • Origin: India or UAE
  • Doors: 3

How much is 66 Seats Bus rental in Dubai per day?

The cost of renting a 66-seater bus in Dubai per day can vary depending on several factors, including the rental company, the specific model of the bus, any additional services or amenities included, and the time of year.

Daily Rent: the daily rental cost for a 66-seat bus in Dubai could vary depending on several factors such as the type of bus, its age, the rental company, and any additional services or requirements you may have. On average, you might expect to pay between AED 1,000 to AED 2,000 per day for a 66-seat bus rental with a driver in Dubai.

Checkout Bus Rental Dubai daily for exclusive offers and rental prices in dubai and you can check Dubai Rental Bus for the latest rates and availability of 66 seater bus rental in Dubai . Enjoy hassle-free group transportation in Dubai with our budget-friendly Private Luxury Bus Rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions About 66 Seats Luxury Tourist Rental Bus Private Luxury Bus Rentals In Dubai

FAQs About 66 Seats Luxury Tourist Rental Bus With Driver In UAE.

1: What amenities are typically included in a luxury tourist bus?

Most luxury tourist buses come equipped with a range of amenities to enhance your travel experience. These may include spacious and comfortable seating, air conditioning, entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, restroom facilities, and sometimes even refreshments or catering services. The specific amenities can vary from one rental provider to another, so it's advisable to inquire about the available features when booking.

2: Is a driver provided with the rental of a 66 Seats Luxury Tourist Bus?

Yes, when you rent a 66 Seats Luxury Tourist Bus, a professional driver is typically included in the rental package. The driver is experienced and familiar with the routes and destinations, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for you and your fellow travelers. Their responsibilities include navigation, adherence to traffic rules, and providing assistance to passengers as needed.

3: How can I book a 66 Seats Luxury Tourist Bus for my group?

Booking a 66 Seats Luxury Tourist Bus is a straightforward process. You can start by contacting reputable bus rental companies that offer luxury tourist bus services. Provide them with details such as your travel dates, the number of passengers, and any specific requirements you have. The rental company will then provide you with a quote based on your needs. Once you agree on the terms and price, you can confirm the booking, and they will arrange everything, including the bus and driver, for your trip.

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