64 Seater Private Luxury Bus Rental With Driver In Dubai

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64 Seater Private Luxury Bus Rental With Driver

64 Seater Private Luxury Bus Rental With Driver In Dubai

Discover the luxury and comfort with our range of spacious Luxury Buses, available in configurations of 35, 50, 55, and 64 seats. Whether you need transportation for a special event, corporate gathering, or group excursion, our Luxury Buses are designed to exceed your expectations.

  • Capacity: Choose from 35, 50, 55, or 64 seats, ensuring ample space for your group.
  • Flexible Rental Options: Available for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals at competitive rates.
  • Inclusive Package: Our rental rates include both a skilled driver and fuel, providing you with a hassle-free experience.
    Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience as you embark on your journey with our Luxury Buses. Book now and enjoy a luxurious and stress-free transportation experience.

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    Daily Rates

    1200 AED
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    Weekly Rates

    7000 AED
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    Monthly Rates

    15000 AED
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    Driver And Fuel Included?

    64 Seater Bus Rental With Driver Rates in Dubai​

    64 1200 7000 15000 Yes

    When you require spacious and dependable transportation for a large group in Dubai, our 64-seater bus rental service with a professional driver is your ideal choice. We offer competitive rates to accommodate your transportation requirements while ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey for your group. Rates: Daily: AED 1,200 Weekly: AED 7,000 Monthly: AED 15,000 These rates include both the services of an experienced driver and the cost of fuel. Contact us today to inquire about our 64-seater bus rental rates in Dubai and secure the perfect transportation solution for your group's needs. Enjoy spacious, reliable, and cost-effective travel with us.

    How much is 64 Seats Bus rental in Dubai per day?

    The cost of renting a 64-seater bus in Dubai per day can vary depending on several factors, including the rental company, the specific model of the bus, any additional services or amenities included, and the time of year. Rental rates for a 64-seater bus in Dubai typically ranged from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000 or more per day.
    Checkout Bus Rental Dubai daily for exclusive offers and rental prices in dubai and you can check Dubai Rental Bus for the latest rates and availability of 64-seater bus rental in Dubai . Enjoy hassle-free group transportation in Dubai with our budget-friendly Private Luxury Bus Rentals.

    Frequently Asked Questions AboutPrivate Luxury Bus Rentals In Dubai

    FAQs About Private Luxury Bus Rental Service Hire Dubai With Driver In UAE.

    Certainly, here are three frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to renting a 64-seater bus in Dubai:

    1. How much does it cost to rent a 64-seater bus in Dubai per day?

    Rental rates for a 64-seater bus in Dubai can vary based on factors like the rental company, the specific bus model, and any additional services. On average, you can expect to pay between AED 1,000 and AED 2,000 per day. For precise pricing, it's best to contact bus rental companies directly.

    2. Are driver and fuel costs included in the daily rental rate?

    In many cases, the daily rental rate for a bus in Dubai may include both a professional driver and the cost of fuel. However, it's essential to confirm these inclusions with the rental company when booking to avoid any surprises.

    3. Are there any additional charges or fees associated with renting a 64-seater bus in Dubai?

    Some rental companies may have additional fees for services like extended mileage, extra hours, or special requests. It's crucial to clarify all potential charges and fees with the rental company before finalizing your reservation to ensure a transparent and hassle-free rental experience.

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